Jan 15

Miss Teenager of America Pageant Update

Great Lakes International, organizers of Miss Teenager of America is proud to become a part of the Miss US International & Miss US Supranational pageants, preliminary pageants to Miss International held annually in Asia and Miss Supranational held annually in Europe. Both of these international systems are considered by Global Beauties, the international pageant resource, to be Grand Slam pageants, along with Miss Universe and Miss World!

Miss US International and Miss US Supranational delegates must be never married, never given birth to a child as of the start date of the state pageant event and must be 18-25 years of age as of November 30 of the competition year. Delegates may be 17 years of age provided that they reach their 18th birthday by September 1st of the competition year.

We are also the MidWest Regional Administrators for the Miss American Beauty system, a national system with age divisions from 4-50+! We are a natural beauty system crowning young ladies in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio & Wisconsin who will move on to nationals June 24-28 in Kissimee, Florida.

Tiny Miss American Beauty 4-5
Little Miss American Beauty 6-8
Miss Pre-Teen American Beauty 9-11
Jr. Miss American Beauty 12-14
Miss Teen American Beauty 15-19
Miss American Beauty 20-29
Ms. American Beauty 30+
Elite American Beauty 50+

What does all of this mean with respect to the Miss Teenager of America title? It means that although we will not be holding an on stage national event called Miss Teenager of America, we will be crowning a US representative to participate at Miss Teenager from delegates who do compete nationally at the Miss American Beauty pageant. The girl selected may be the outgoing titleholder, she may be a state or regional delegate for the national pageant. She will be chosen following the national pageant and announced August 1st

Jan 03


When I got crowned Miss Teenager of America it was such a surprise! I was so happy I was crying. Tears fell from my eyes as Rachel put on my crown and sash. I was so excited! I’m so happy to start this new year as Miss Teenager of America 2014. It’s something I’ve dreamed of being since I was little! I can’t wait to represent the USA at the Miss Teenager pageant. Thank you all for your support (:Screenshot_2013-12-31-10-23-14-1

Nov 20

Meagan’s Official Photoshoot

Recently Meagan had her official portrait done by Randy Land at The Progressive Image in Evansville, Indiana. Randy also shot Rachel-Victoria’s official portraits and portfolio for the international Miss Teenager pageant. His work, I think everyone will agree is outstanding.

Meagan’s flawless hair and make up were done by Katelyn Walsh from Seasons Hair Salon and her outstanding wardrobe was provided by Paparazzi Glamour & Gowns in Evansville. Thank you to everyone who worked together to make this photo shoot so perfect!


Nov 14

Regional Pageant Update

Due to overwhelming feedback regarding the regional pageant time frame we have decided to reduce regionals to one day. The distance that many of the delegates are required to travel to attend their regional casting is making it difficult to arrange time off for school and work on Monday with a Sunday night crowning. Therefore we will be holding the event all in one day, there are no more paid spots, everyone competes free and can travel home on Sunday so no one has to miss school or work!  We think this is a better option  all around since we feel there is such an importance in education, having girls miss school to travel home from a pageant just is not in sync with our mission. We are so excited to start our pageant season in 2014 and cannot wait to meet you all!

Oct 30

Congratulations Miss Teenager of America 2014


In a special surprise crowning ceremony, Rachel-Victoria Baxter, Miss Teenager of America 2013 crowned Meagan Oliver as the new Miss Teenager of America 2014.
Meagan, who was Miss Spencer County Indiana Teenager of America will represent the Miss Teenager of America organization throughout the year at various fairs, festivals and events as well as promoting her platform of Curing Childhood Cancer and fundraising for the Foundation for Peace to help educate children in less fortunate countries.

Meagan will also be representing the United States of America at the international Miss Teenager pageant in Guatemala next summer!

We are proud and honored to once again be blessed with a hardworking, dedicated and philanthropic young lady! Our titleholders and winners are truly remarkable young ladies.

Congratulations Meagan and thank you Rachel-Victoria for being the perfect example of what Miss Teenager of America represents and for doing a fantastic job not only representing the nation, but the youth of the nation as well!

Oct 07

MTOA 2014 will be crowned in a few short weeks!

In a few weeks  I will crown Miss Teenager of America 2014. I have mixed feelings about it. I am sad that my year is coming to an end but I am also excited and happy for MTOA 2014. She will LOVE her year and the opportunity to compete at Miss Teenager Universe 2014. I am now in my 3rd week of Cosmetology school and doing very well.  My life has changed in many ways over the last few months and I made the choice to change my appearance to give me a new look to go with my new life. I cut my hair short, but I like it. I have even had more paid modeling offers since I changed my “look”. I have attached a few recent photos of my new “look”. I have met many new friends and I must say, my life is pretty good right now. 524572_10200597531965770_1023955281_n544896_10200613398082413_1320464963_n1237739_10200588657903924_626344515_n

Sep 28

Miss Teenager of America Castings for 2014 Titles

Well, 2013 is well into its final stretch and with that Miss Teenager of America 2013′s reign is coming to an end and with that we are prepared to bid her a sad farewell. We are so thrilled to have met her and had the privileged of having Rachel-Victoria Baxter as our inaugural titleholder. Thank you for your beautiful representation of the USA in Panama and for doing so with the respect and dignity that exemplifies Miss Teenager of America. You really did us proud!

With the passing of the torch, comes a new round of hopefuls vying for the title and position of Miss Teenager of America. We are holding free castings and regional events to select the 2014 state and regional titleholders.  These castings will be held in each region and delegate hopefuls have the chance to cast for a position at the regional pageant. These castings are free, delegate hopefuls do not have to pay any fees of any sort to participate!

With this new casting system, there is the possibility that a delegate can participate at an international pageant without ever having paid a cent in entry fees to compete!

There are options for young ladies who wish to bypass the castings and participate in the regional pageant. Girls can pre-register for a guaranteed spot at the regional pageant for a fee of $195.00. We will have different judges at the casting and the regional event, and they will not know who came in via the casting or who came in as a pre-registered delegate. This way all girls have equal opportunity to win their regional title and advance to nationals free.

Similarly there may be delegates who wish to bypass the casting and the regional pageant altogether and go straight to nationals. These young ladies are invited to participate at nationals as an at-large state delegate by paying the national entry fee, and becoming their state representative.

We still have the 13-15 age division for Miss Jr. Teenager of America and Miss Teenager of America will be 16-18. We have also added a Miss division, called Miss Globe United States of America.

The paperwork for the castings is available in the Applicants Portal, to the right, which registered delegates can access by logging in with their username and password they received when they applied.

Lots of exciting things are on the horizon for Miss Teenager of America delegates and titleholders. We are very excited for this years event!

Sep 13

A new chapter in my life

Good morning everyone! Here in Evansville, IN. it is a cool, breezy September Friday morning. Recently, I have been looking back on the past year, reflecting on all it has brought my way, being crowned the very first Miss Teenager of America,  meeting great new people and reconnecting with old friends, whom I didn’t even realize how much I missed having in my life.  I have had many happy times, some sad times, a lot of lessons learned and I have learned that I am a very strong young woman.  I am beginning a new chapter in my life. A positive, full of endless possibilities chapter. In 11 days, I will start college and I am very excited about it, but I must admit, I am also a little nervous. I have also decided to get back into modeling because I truly love modeling as well as competing in pageants. I will be working both sides of the camera now:) I am also considering competing for what would be my very 1st “Miss” title later this year. I am “aging out” of the  ‘Teen” and into the “Miss” division as far as pageants go.  In just a few short weeks, my year as Miss Teenager of America 2013 will come to a close and I will crown one of the beautiful, accomplished state queens, Miss Teenager of America 2014.  I plan to make the most of my remaining time as MTOA 2013. I would like to leave you with this thought today: Don’t ever change who you are for ANYONE! Stay true to yourself, value your family and friends and go after your dreams. Anyone who REALLY loves you or cares about you, will not want you to change anything about yourself. Please always remember that. Have a great day and a great weekend!

Aug 26

Summer 2013 is almost over.

Good afternoon. Summer 2013 is coming to a close and I will begin college in just a few weeks. I am scared, excited and hopeful all at the same time. It has been a great summer overall, with a few disappointments, but that is life. In life, we all experience heartbreaks, victories, sad times and happy times. I experienced all of the above this summer, but I am learning from every experience I have gone through, or am currently going through. My year as Miss Teenager of America is winding down also. I have mixed emotions on that. I am sad that it is ending but also so grateful to have been given the honor of being chosen as your very 1st Miss Teenager of America. I know MTOA will be a pageant that will continue to grow and be a pageant system full of great opportunities for young women across America for many years to come. I am also excited to see who I will crown as MTOA 2014. Whoever she is, an exciting, wonderful year awaits her. Have a good day and get out and enjoy these last few days of summer 2013 :)

Aug 02

Miss Teenager Universe pageant


I would like to thank everyone for your support while I was preparing for and competing for, the international Miss Teenager Universe title. I did not win the crown, but I did have a great time in Panama and met some wonderful new friends from around the world. I would like to congratulate Jasmine Stringer, Miss Australia, on her win of the Miss Teenager Universe title. I would also like to congratulate Miss Bahamas (she was my roommate), Miss Guatemala, Miss Nicaragua, Miss Ecuador, Miss Panama, Miss Caracao and Miss Canada for their top 15 or top 5 placements. Also, a big congratulations to Miss Venezuela on her very much deserved crowning as Miss Congeniality.  I still have about 3 months left as Miss Teenager of America and I plan to spend it continuing my appearances, community work and beginning college in September.  I am attaching a couple of pics from last week. Again, thank you all for your continued support, it is much appreciated.412698_620851931268478_1797382528_o 998404_591867354191959_1796631850_n

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